Portfolio – Book 02

After my first Portfolio, designed in 2008, I’ve finally decided to print out a renovate version. During 2013, it came out my new own personal book, with updated projects developed during this years.

Printed by Tipogrfia Linari
Year: 2013

Enrico_Visani_Portfolio_1 Enrico_Visani_Portfolio_2 Enrico_Visani_Portfolio_3 Enrico_Visani_Portfolio_4 Enrico_Visani_Portfolio_5 Enrico_Visani_Portfolio_6 Enrico_Visani_Portfolio_7 Enrico_Visani_Portfolio_8 Enrico_Visani_Portfolio_9 Enrico_Visani_Portfolio_10 Enrico_Visani_Portfolio_11 Enrico_Visani_Portfolio_12 Enrico_Visani_Portfolio_14